Policies and Expectations

Student Policies

All of the Kawananakoa policies can be found at the front of your planner.

UPDATED Tardy Policy

Effective August 7th, 2023. Students with five or more tardies (weekly) will have to attend two days of Wellness Hour from 2:00 to 3:00 pm. During this time students will work with our teachers and counselors to address ways to improve the student’s attendance.

Tardy Policy (SY 2023-2023)- (Late edited 8.4.2023).pdf


Students are expected to have consistent attendance for all their classes, as it is extremely important to academic success. Please see the attached document to learn more about student excused absences, unexcused absences, tardiness, and class cutting.

Kawananakoa Attendance Policy SY2022-2023.pdf

Dress Code

All students attending Kawananakoa Middle School are required to wear. the school uniform effective the first day of school. Please see the attached PDF for the full dress code policy.

Students in violation of the dress code policy will be given detention. Continued violations will result in a suspension. Inappropriate items, items improperly worn, and or items not worn within the dress code policy can also be confiscated by school staff and will only be returned to the student's parents.

Need new uniform shirts or jackets? Your parents can purchase them online at http://www.kawananakoauniforms.com

Kawananakoa School Dress Code SY2022-2023.pdf

You can find more information about Kawananakoa school policies in the Student Planner/Handbook.

Student Expectations

Be an Aliʻi Warrior

Students are expected to demonstrate Respect, Responsibility and Resiliency in all school environments including the classroom, hallways and walkways, the cafeteria, restrooms, and the internet. Please see the attached document for more details.


Digital Citizenship

Students should be responsible and mindful while using technology. Please see the attached PDF on how to be appropriately use media. 


Rewards and Recognition

Collection of all three plastic positive behavior tags. The yellow tag reads "Resilient," the black tag reads "Responsibility," and the red tag reads "Respect."

Positive Behavior Tags

To continuously encourage our students to bring their best selves to school,  we are recognizing students for their outstanding behavior.   Ali’i Warriors that are caught demonstrating Respect, Responsibility, or Resilience will receive a KMS Positive Behavior Tag.  

Once a month, students will have an opportunity to turn in these tags to redeem prizes!  Please contact your grade level counselor for more information.

Screenshot of the newsletter page showing the winners of the Aliʻi Warrior Award. Accompanied by caption saying "This could be you!"

Ali`i Warrior Student Recognition

Every quarter, each grade level team recognizes two students who exemplify the Ali`i Warrior behavior expectations. There are multiple opportunities to demonstrate positive behaviors in class and out of class. Let's bring our best selves to school!  

Ali`i Warrior Award recipients will be featured on the school’s closed circuit tv broadcast and in the school’s newsletter.