Meal Payment

Making Payments for Meals

Please use the meal account system to make payments to your child’s meal account and monitor their account balance. If you are unable or prefer not to use this online system, you may make direct payments, in cash only, at our school main office.

Reminder: Students should bring a home lunch if their meal account cannot be cleared of a negative balance.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding meals, please contact our Meal Tracker Clerk Mrs. Lee at

School Meal Prices


Regular Student Breakfast: $1.10

Reduced Price Student Breakfast: $0.30

2nd & Subsequent Student Breakfast: $2.40

Adult Breakfast: $2.40


Regular Student Lunch: $2.50

Reduced Price Student Lunch: $0.40

2nd Student Entrée: $2.00

2nd & Subsequent Student Lunch: $5.50

Adult Lunch: $5.50

Milk: $0.60