Health and Safety

The health and safety of students is the number one priority for us at Kawananakoa. Students, parents, and the school must work together to ensure a safe, effective learning environment for everyone. Please refer to the information and resources below for health-related guidelines and reminders for students and parents.

Key Resources

Daily Wellness Check + Return to School/Work Criteria

All HIDOE students and employees should follow the Return to School/Work Criteria if becoming ill or coming into contact with someone who is ill. Students and employees should also conduct a Daily Wellness Check before coming to school each morning.

Return to School Work and Daily Wellness Check.pdf

Revised 6/9/22

Health and Safety Precautions at Kawananakoa

Various precautions and safety measures are in place to ensure all members of the KMS community are safe. These steps ensure that the school campus is in accordance with guidelines and recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Department of Health.

Two images. The first shows two teachers working in the cafeteria with face masks on. The second shows the health aid Mr. Crumpton smiling while sitting at his desk with a face mask on.

Face Masks Encouraged On Campus

All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to wear a facial covering on school premises. Those feeling sick must stay home.

One image. A person is being helped at the front office desk. There is a glass barrier between them.

Clear Barriers Installed

Clear barriers have been installed in the front office and in classrooms on teacher desks to limit spread of airborne germs.

Two images. The first shows a sign taped to a desk in the classroom instructing students to not sit there due to social distancing. The second shows a classroom with desks spaced 6 feet apart.

Classrooms Rearranged

Desks and chairs in classrooms have been moved to ensure at least 3 feet distance between students.

One image. A sign taped to the door of the front office reads "Only ONE person allowed in the office. Face masks required."

Limited Room Occupancy

All school rooms, including the front office, have a maximum capacity to ensure crowding does not occur.

Two images. The first shows a poster taped to a wall outside a classroom reminding students to wear a mask. The second shows posters taped to a classroom door detailing the Health and Safety guidelines as well as a reminder to wear a mask."

Signage Posted Around Campus

Signs and flyers have been posted around campus reminding students to wear a mask and check for signs of sickness.

One image. A member of the custodial staff wipes down a table in a room with disinfecting spray.

Frequent Disinfecting

All high-touch areas on campus are disinfected and cleaned frequently throughout the day.

Two images. The first is a line-up of different sanitizing products available in each classroom, including clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting spray. The second is a hand sanitizer dispenser located near the door of the front office.

Sanitizing Products Available

Hand sanitizer and cleaning products are available in every room on campus.

One image. A sign saying "Entrance Only" is taped on the wall of the stairwell.

Designated Entrances and Exits

All stairways and classrooms have designated entrances and exits to help direct the flow of people.

Two images. The first shows triangle markers painted on the ground outside the front office that indicate six feet distance apart. The second shows a poster taped to a column outside the front office reading "Thank you for practiving social distancing

Social Distancing Enforced

Markers on the walls and floor indicate safe distances where people can stand 6 feet apart.

Posters and Signage

The following posters and signs are posted throughout campus and in classrooms.

Mask Reminder

Thank you for wearing a face mask.docx

Mask Reminder

Face mask 1b.docx

Health and Safety Guidelines

CDC Guidelines for Students.docx