A Message from your Principal…

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to the new school year at Kawananakoa Middle School.   It is hoped that you and your son/daughter had a relaxing and rejuvenating break from school over the summer.  We thank all of you for your interest in our school and ask for your continued support throughout the school year.   Here are some important updates about our school:

Electronic Grading
All teachers will be posting grades using two electronic grading systems:  Jupiter (formerly known as Snapgrade) and Pinnacle.  Both have been available and used previously by teachers at KMS.  However, since Pinnacle has been adopted statewide, there is a conversion upgrade and as a result, the parent portal is not yet available.  Information on access will be sent home in September.

Telephone Messages
We currently use “School Connects” which provides an automated phone calling service.  The system automatically calls when students are unaccounted and is absent from school/class. KMS has also uses this telephone service to relay important messages home.  In addition, this system provides email service.
Currently, KMS sends important telephone messages with accompanying email messages using this system. The purpose for sending two messages (email and telephone) is to update our parent email data bank. If you receive a telephone message without an accompanying email message, we ask that you send an email to stephen_warner@notes.k12.hi.us with your email address and child’s name.  We hope to have a complete listing of parent/guardian email addresses for communication purposes.

Progress Reports
Progress reports will be sent home by mail to parents if students are failing classes at the mid quarter point.  These reports will reach your home during the second week of September.  Parents are encouraged to call their child’s counselor if they receive a progress report at 587-4430:

Grade 6: Mr. Jared Fuchigami

Grade 7: Ms. Melanie Kim

Grade 8: Mr. Keith Connie

Adequate Yearly Progress: The school continues to meet the benchmarks set by the State of Hawaii.  As a result, KMS continues to be in “Good Standing.”

Hawaii State Assessment (HSA):
Students will be given two opportunities to pass the HSA test.  These tests will be on-line (on the computer) in the areas of math and reading.  It is currently slated to be administered in December, February and April.   Grade 8 students will need to also take the Science HSA test.

Mrs. Sugibayashi Principal contact

Mr. Ohta Vice-Principal Grade 8 contact

Mr. Sugano Vice-Principal Grade 7 contact

Mr. Okamoto Vice-Principal Grade 6 contact

Ms. Matsuura Curriculum Coordinator contact

Mr. Oumi Registrar contact

Ms. Lum Librarian/CCTV Coordinator contact

Ms. Cox Health Aide contact

Ms. Wee Data User Support contact







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